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Lea The Owl

Lea Owl

We're going after the third bird.
What kind of fool was he?
Has the right of the first-born
with the lentils once lost.
Seeking earthly life
His reward: there was great need.

Thus is the owl for the night determined,
that's how it was intended
ֵShe talks to the second twin
he with the Lord on the Jab'ok ring
came Jacob, blind, and listened.  
now the roles are exchanged anew

Now he's spending the night in the dark
The stars seem to sparkle without a word
and yet they are so eloquent
to comfort Isa'k's second child
that on the flight the Lord may know
and then finally call him my Messiah.

in the nights he must now call and hunt
because he missed, in the bright days.
where he worked, day after day, according to his own plans.
instead of living and serving the Lord
now, today, he's preying on what kind of people,
all loose boys, with dirt on their bacon

she comes at night, the owl
She was told to cry.
about darkness and also ghosts
until the poison of the last broomsoms
affects all fools
which are now bored out
and killed.
also their Pan who finally is no longer fluted on earth.
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