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Ordering Structures in the Bible

Stylistic Elements
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They give clarity, stability and security to a thing.

Structures in the Bible - e.g. through swarm intelligence

Deborah means bee, also and above all because of her systematic instinct. As a female bee, that of a worker, she points to the bride of the Messiah, that is Barak.
The bee that is alluded to here is also known as the Western Honey Bee (Apis mellitera). Its original range was in Europe, Africa and the Near East. We can equate their area of distribution with the countries of the first centuries of Christianity in which the Gospel was preached. And just as the Western Honey Bee was exported to all the world, so the Gospel was brought from Europe to all the world by Deborah. The parallel is amazing, isn't it? If we consider the hidden action of God, then we also understand his speech through creation better. The bees serve us in many ways as role models, such as their miraculous order, which even scientists cannot fully explore. Let us take a look at some of their particularities, which are unique in God's creation.
The Western honey bee (Apis-mellitera) is a state-building insect. Because it belongs to the cold-blooded family, it can only maintain a constant temperature in the hive when it interacts with other bees.
In the hive, the queen permanently emits a messenger called Queen Mandibular Pheromone, QMP. Among other things, the messenger substance causes positive learning in freshly hatched bees, or, to be more precise, it prevents negative learning. As a result, the animals do not develop mutual aggressions. You can learn from that, can't you?
After some time, female bees are less exposed to QMP because negative learning is now the order of the day. It will be vital for the bees to survive when they swarm out as workers to collect pollen and nectar. But beware! There are enemies of all kinds out there.
In the history of Simson, bees depict the people of God building a beehive together in the lion believed dead by humans. The industrious insects collect pollen and nectar and carry them home. A really dead lion can never serve as a dwelling place for a colony of bees. Bees need closed rooms and these are mainly tree hollows. In addition, the hive must be weather- and winterproof.  The instinct of the bees would never allow one of their bees to lead them to carrion, because their swarm intelligence decidedly rejects this. They would not only be unprotected from thieves and robbers in the corpse of a dead lion, but bees would also never exchange their clean home for a place like that of a carcass. Bees love wood, preferably the wood of Golgotha.

For many Jews, Yeshua is still today a man of their people, whom they seek to curse. He is considered a disgust to them. Yes, like the carrion of a dead lion, which is really disgusting. "His name will be extinguished," is polemicized, especially by the Orthodox Jews. Even if they think Jesus is dead, he still lives. Jesus said to Jochanan: "Do not be afraid! I am the first and the last. And in the Book of Job it is said of him, "And he shall be the last to stand on the earth. Jesus says, and I am the living one, and I was dead, and behold, I am alive from eternity to eternity, and have the keys of death and of Hades.


What does swarm intelligence have to do with structures in the Bible?

Well, only bees can recognize the structures in the Bible. Only they know where to find the sweetness, the nectar from which Deborah makes honey. There people can go, hear the palm of peace and the sweet words: But the righteous will live by faith. In her ministry, Deborah proclaims the gospel to all who come to her. She interprets the Word of God correctly. The judge orients herself on the mysterious structures of the Bible. She reveals the found system of scriptures and describes the orders hidden in them. (See "Introduction to the Letter to the Hebrews" and "Structure of the Bible" on this website.)

Word origin of the name Deborah
Deborah writes to him Hebrew as follows: דבורה The word is derived from the word root דבר - Davar - and can be translated as follows:
  1. build, group, arrange, organize, take care of, and much more;
  2. speak (figurative for words);
  3. rarely in a destructive sense: oppress, overwhelm, defeat, defeat. Strong´s No. H1696.
The term describes the word of God in connection with a thing or matter that takes place in a certain place. Where might this place be? You will find it in the following places. You must have read them.

Matthew 26:20ff; Mark 14:17ff; Luke 24:30; Luke 22:14ff; John 12; Revelation 3:20; Esther 1:3; Esther 1:5; Esther 5:8ff; 6:11; Judge 14:10ff;

When Caleb expels the three sons of Enak from Hebron, then it is spoken of a heavenly place, for there above is the seat of the covenant which Joshua establishes in chapter 24.

Caleb moves on and comes to Debir. The same consonants are used for the word Debir, דבר, but with different vowels, and so the word Debir is created. In German Debir is translated as "Ort des Sprechens" (place of speaking) and points to the Lord's speaking in the hours when we as Christians meet. This is the place where the Lord speaks, the "place of his speaking". That is why Jesus said, "Where two or three gather for my name, there I am in their midst. And because God always uses people to speak to His people, the Holy Spirit helps in the choice of speakers (as far as the brothers are in constant dialogue with the Lord). In these hours of coming together, the Word of God's affairs is dealt with systematically. Only bees understand the systematics, the correct processing of the food of the strong. In Debir the faithful enjoy the sweetness. It is interesting that Samson himself eats honey.

A lovely picture, isn't it? Simson enjoys the honey the bees have produced. This is the fruit that the Messiah enjoys and gives to his father and mother to eat. Jeremiah 3:10 says:

Say of the righteous that he shall be well; for they shall enjoy the fruit of their acts.
The Lord is already enjoying today, and the bees also are enjoying of what is gathered.

Structuring means in the Bible

We find seven cycles in the Book of Judges, according to the common doctrine. The number 7 is called the number of God and stands for divine perfection. It is true, it is the number of completeness and perfection. Furthermore, the literature of many Bible commentators refers to seven units which we find again and again in the Bible. But no one yet seems to know that the number 7 refers to two groups, or more clearly, two women:

  1. to the bride of the Lamb, that is the chief woman - the heavenly Jerusalem;
  2. to the bride of the Messiah, that is the earthly Jerusalem.

Whenever we encounter a seven unity in the Bible, she speaks of these two women and their perfection.
Thus we have the most important order criterion in the Bible, the number SEVEN.
Let us now look at the two chapters in Revelation in which we find the seven Epistles. In the seven epistles we can see different order structures:

  1. The historical sequence of the Christian church, from 30 A.D. to the present day;
  2. the seven feasts of the Lord from Leviticus 23;
  3. the Postrundweg, on which the places lay, symbolizes the sevenfold circumnavigation of Jericho.

The seven churches are a perfect testimony. Their testimony is the temple of God on earth. All the believers are building on it, just as all the bees are working on the beehive. Once you have understood the imagery and the meaning of the numbers, the Bible opens up almost by itself. Jesus says:

If you have an ear, hear what the Spirit says to the assemblies! To him who overcomes, I will give of the hidden manna; and I will give him a white stone, and wrote a new name on the stone, whom no one knows but who receives him. Revelation_2,17

I'd like to talk about the hidden manna. It points to the secrets hidden in the Holy Scriptures and told in a veiled way ...

Further structures can be found under the topic: Structures in the Bible (Still in preparation)

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