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Pairings in the Bible - There are always two

Stylistic Elements
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A biblical couple and their number

Mating - always two, like Adam and Eve, Jacob and Esau, Serah and Heres.
They are represented by number 2 and are among the most wondrous numbers in the Bible. In a creative way, God has often made two into one and created a wonderful unity.

    • God Meets Man
    • Yahweh with Israel
    • Christ and His Bride
    • Esau and Jacob
    • Ephraim and Manasseh
    • Perez and Serah
    • and much more

On the second day God makes two out of one - Genesis 1, 6

In the first book of the Bible, chapter 1, verse 6, God says: "Let there be an expansion in the midst of the waters, and let it separate the waters from the waters. And God made the expanse and separated the waters that are below the expanse from the waters that are above the expanse. And so it became. Why are the waters separated? Why does one part of the water remain on earth, while the other part is commanded up, so above heaven?

One thing should be certain, the water, whether the upper or the lower, remained what it was, namely water. Their chemical composition had not changed. The answers to the questions can be derived from the Bible. On the one hand, the water on earth should serve as living space for the water dwellers and, on the other hand, it should provide the necessary irrigation of the nature of the dry part of the earth through rivers and lakes. The upper waters served as a protective sheath on the outside and guaranteed the earth a well-tempered climate on the inside. Whether it was day or night, man should also feel comfortable undressed and not have to freeze. Due to the constant climate, thunderstorms such as hurricanes or Huricanes were excluded. There were winds, because they are already caused by the rotation of the earth and, not to forget, the small temperature fluctuations due to the day and night changes.

We are not told how far Adam and Eve knew that there was water above the sky. What they could see were the waters on Earth. But every morning they were surprised to find that the earth and the plants are covered with dew and provide strong growth in nature.  

The separation of the waters from Genesis 1:6 points figuratively to the two parts of the Bible

The Tanakh, that is the Old Testament, forms the waters on earth and the waters above the expanse are represented by the New Testament. We can only say this because water is used as an image for the Word of God. So we read in Ephesians 5:26: that He sanctified them, the church, purifying them by washing them with water through the Word. In 2 Peter 3:5 water and the word of God are used synonymously, among other things: For according to their own will this is hidden to them, that from time immemorial heaven and earth were created out of water and in water by the word of God, by which the world of that time, flooded with water, perished. After the flood all the waters were again on earth.

The protective function of the waters above the sky became the grave of men when they rained down. All life on earth perished in this flood. Only the eight people in the ark, together with the animals of every species, survived the force and power of the Word of God, while all others drowned in the water. As before creation, the waters covered the entire earth. Genesis 1:2: And the earth became desolate and empty, and darkness was over the deep; and the Spirit of God hovered over the waters. At both times, before creation and at the end of the flood, no dry land was seen.

At the beginning of a new beginning only water in a huge pool.

A short question: What else could the waters above the firmament indicate?

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