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The Mark of The Beast

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The Mark of The Beast

It could have been in 2017 when we first looked more closely at the number 666. The occasion was as follows. We were talking in a small group about the thirteenth chapter of Revelation and we were moved by the question: What does the Lord want to tell us or hint at with the number 666?  

Revelation 13:18: Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate - or rather count - the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and his number is 666.

Before we come to the details, we would like to give you a hint: When in the 18th verse those with understanding are asked to calculate or count off or count out the number, the Greek word ψηφισατω (psyphisato) is in the imperative. We followed the order and today we are publishing our final research results.

The spelling of the number 666 in the original text
The authors of the New Testament writings wrote their texts in capital letters and so John wrote the number 666 with the letters Χ, Ξ and Σ. And Irenaeus, who was born in Asia Minor between 120/140 and died around the year 200 AD, confirms that the number was actually written with the three letters in the original. In his book "Against Heresies" - Adversus haereses - he not only discusses the number 666.

Was the number 666 or 616? Irenaeus writes, quote:  

Since therefore this number is found in all the approved and ancient copies (of the Apocalypse), and the men who saw John face to face testify to this, and reason also leads us to the conclusion that the number of the name of the beast, when reckoned according to the Greek mode of reckoning, according to the value contained in letters, is six hundred and sixty and six; that is, the number of tens is equal to the number of hundreds, and the number of hundreds is equal to the number of ones; for the number which expresses the figure six is maintained throughout, and indicates the repetition of the apostasy in its full extent, which took place at the beginning. I know not how it is that some have erred after the ordinary manner of speaking, and have falsified the middle number in the name, subtracting from it the amount of fifty, so that instead of six tens they will have but one.

I am inclined to believe that this was due to the copyist's error, as it tends to happen, since numbers are also expressed by letters; thus the Greek letter expressing the number sixty easily became the letter iota of the Greeks. (Note: The number ΧΞΣ was altered by the copyist with the sequence of letters ΧΙΣ, see Papyrus 115).

Some, in their simplicity and on their own responsibility, have used this number for a tenner, while others, in their inexperience, have dared to seek a name which should contain the erroneous and false number.

End of quotation.

Irenaeus confirms that the number was written in numerals. While we (the authors) were dealing with the number and thus also with the spelling, it became clear in the end that the number 666 could not be written in any other way than with the letters Χ, Ξ, Σ.   

Because only by looking at the letters ΧΞΣ was it possible for us to make further considerations. And so we remembered the tree of life of the Jewish Kabbalah, which shows ten marked points, the sixth of which is the one that is different from all others because it is the only one within the tree that lies on the central vertical, within a square, marked by four other sephirot (numbers). In the center is the number (sephira) 6, and we noticed that all three Greek letters of the number 666 seem to point to this exact center, to the sixth number (sephira). In the Tree of Life, the sephirot ('numbers') are connected by lines that roughly indicate the Greek letters Χ, Ξ and Σ, so what could be more obvious for us to place the letters in the square?

Now we come to two rhetorical stylistic devices that should help us decisively on the way to deciphering the number: firstly, mirroring and secondly, the riddle. In the Bible, not only words, verses or sections of text are mirrored, but also people and letters. We also had to be familiar with the other rhetorical stylistic device so that we could solve the mystery of the number, the riddle, which is always also a puzzle. If you want to solve biblical riddles, you have to do the puzzle properly first, because only by doing the puzzle properly we can solve the riddles.

Last but not least, we realized that God likes to tinker. He forms the most diverse things from the smallest and simplest geometric figures. Of course, these can also be broken down into their smallest units. The apostle Paul speaks of this technique. He reminds his real and beloved child to tinker properly by writing: "Cut the word of truth correctly“. The handicraft instruction is therefore: Timothy, always cut in a straight line and keep cutting until you have the smallest units in front of you. And because the number ΧΞΣ is also a word of truth, we applied the scissors correctly. Our working methods are therefore as follows:

  • mirror,
  • cut,
  • puzzle.

For the number ΧΞΣ it is practically called: Create an X, three Ξ and two Σ. Cut the X horizontally into two parts in the middle. Then place the first Ξ in the middle and place a sigma on the left and a sigma on the right, the left one in the writing direction and the right one in the opposite writing direction. Then take the two parts of the Χ and place the upper part below the Ξ with the tip pointing downwards and the lower part above the Ξ with the tip pointing upwards. Finally, add the other two Ξ. Place both on the first Ξ, then turn the second to 1:30 o'clock and the third to 3:30 o'clock. In this way, we obtain a six-pointed star reminiscent of the Star of David, as depicted on the Israeli national flag.  

The number 666 - ΧΞΣ - is the number of the Antichrist. We think that if the number from which the star can be created symbolizes the number of the Antichrist, then the sign that we can create with the number can be nothing other than the mark of the Antichrist. But be careful: Not the symbol is evil, but its misuse, namely the compulsory marking - i.e. stigmatization - on the forehead or hand that is enforced under threat of death.

Berlin, February 01, 2024

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