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War Against Omicron

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War against Omicron

The order of the virus variants of the corona-virus are made according to the Greek alphabet, a common practice in science. But letters were abruptly omitted, and so they named a new variant Omikron. In 2021, both laymen and experts worldwide asked the question: Why do they skip some letters? WHO's explanation: we want to avoid confusion and not hurt anyone. On the surface, it all sounds plausible, but the real reason can be found in the Bible, as always, it reveals the evil spirit and its intentions, reveals the one behind the Corona crisis.

The veiled structure of the New Testament

To understand our thought processes, very briefly to the structures, which we already discovered in 2014/15. All 21 teaching letters of the New Testament must be assigned to the 7 churches of Revelation 2 and 3, and chronologically, as the canon dictates, such as in the Elberfelder Bible; see Table 4 on the website: Structure of the Bible. From this it follows that the third letter of John applies quite specifically to the church of Philadelphia. As we can see from the Epistle to Philadelphia, the Lord does not express any criticism; as in the Epistle to Smyrna, the Lord holds back on judgment. Why is this so? The epistles carry a public character, therefore all 7 churches should also read the letters of the others and not only the one addressed to them. If the Lord rebukes publicly, then the points of criticism have already become public, everyone, including the public, knows about it. Nevertheless, also in the churches of Smyrna and Philadelphia there were things that Jesus wanted to be settled. And that not everything was in order is revealed to us by the teaching letters, which are at the same time instructions for action, so that the necessary corrections are made.

All the letters that must be assigned to Philadelphia are: the letter to the Philippians, the one to Philemon, and the third letter of John; thus, including the epistle to Philadelphia, we would have 4 letters for the church of Philadelphia. As a heading over each of these four letters, we would only need to put one word: Fellowship - but which was denied to us in Corona times.

God also speaks in many ways in the New Testament

We will now get to know one form of his way of speaking. We can express the heading "fellowship", of which we spoke before, even more briefly, because the Lord symbolized it in a mysterious way. It is known to all of us, at least to those who are involved in some way. We find the symbol in mathematics, in physics and electrical engineering, in chemistry and biology, and in geography and statistics. Just as we humans abstract things and represent them with symbols, so does God, only with one tiny difference, everyone to whom we explain the symbol understands it at once and, more importantly, they will never forget its meaning. Now we have put you, dear reader, on the rack long enough, we now come to the unveiling. The symbol that represents the community is represented by the Greek letter Phi. It is found prominently in all four letters. Philadelphia, Philippians, Philemon, and in the third Epistle of John, then even twice; this can only be seen in the Greek text. John writes in the last verse: Friends greet you. Greet the friends by name. To make it clearer for the reader, now with the Greek words: The Φιλοι (Philoi) greet you. Greet the Φιλους (Philous) by name. We can put the letter Phi over all four letters and anyone taught would immediately know what the letter stands for, Φ – fellowship.

The interpretations of the Greek letters   

The letter Phi - Φ - represents a circular area divided into two equal parts by a vertical line. The halves of the circle symbolize two groups, the right side represents the Jews and the left side represents the Greeks, the stroke symbolizes a bond that holds both firmly together. Who or what is the bond? Previously we explained from which geometric figures the letter is formed, now we explain it again, but this time more precisely. The phi is a composition of the letters omicron Ο and iota Ι. We already know the omicron, it forms the church, the band, represented by the iota, symbolizes Jesus, whose name is written in Greek as follows: Ιησους. And when Jesus is in the center, Omicron connected with the Jotah depicts him and his church.

Jesus also identifies himself with other letters of the Greek alphabet, as in Revelation 1, where he says to John, "I am the Alpha and the Omega, but that Jesus is also the Phi, he has concealed from us and from John at this moment.

We take a deep breath

For the first time, it becomes clear to us why the last virus variant, the so-called Omicron, received exactly this name. They are not concerned with health, but with the secret "final solution". They set out to eliminate their last obstacle, the eradication of Christianity, in order to install their anti-Christian system afterwards. During the renewed occupation with the PHI, that was on the last weekend of Okotober 2022, we received in relation to the Plandemie the puzzle piece still missing to us: The true reason for the assignment of the name Omikron.

Ever since the Omicron variant was warned about, we kept asking ourselves: why do they suddenly skip letters of the Greek alphabet and call the "apparently" new variant Omicron?  During our renewed written explanation of the two letters involved, which form the Omicron, we find the solution. Now it was already clear to us at the beginning of the first lockdown in 2020, it was essential to disempower all disruptive forces of influence from politics, business, culture and religion. With the name Omikron, their intentions were revealed but not understood by anyone. The question was discussed worldwide: Why does WHO skip some letters of the Greek alphabet? Only today we find the only logical explanation: with Omikron they declared the total war on Christianity.

Please pay attention now: Also as Christians we must learn to think in opposites, because only then we understand "the most cunning of all". The notorious virus with the C is actually used by the Freemason clique for Christ, he is in their eyes the " pestilence " which must be eradicated and with him also the variant Omicron. The health apostles are not concerned with the fight against a virus, against THE OMICRON, the church, they go to battle. If they will have defeated the Omikron with their inoculations, they have also managed to kill THE OMIKRON, to exterminate it as it were from the ground. But how astonished one may be: Only the Omikron variant seems to "rage" even today, to be considered as ineradicable, because it mutates constantly, proves to be more and more resistant because of the spiritual environmental pollution.

Read the Bible and you will find the Lord Jesus who said: I am the Lord, your physician.

Berlin, October 30, 2022
© Copyright by H. Randy Rohrer

Addendum to the script: War against Omikron

As we already pointed out in our scripts several times, we study first the texts of the Bible and research if necessary afterwards in the Internet to our worked on topic. We write today the 2nd November 2022, it is about 20:45 o'clock. On English-language web pages we look for entries with the words "Omicron" and "Bible". What we find on Israel365news.com does not please at all. They sound it out into the world with a chutzpah that makes one's ears ring and tears ...   

The website says, starting in the fourth paragraph, "Rabbi Weingarten pointed out that the term omicron is the name of the 15th letter of the Greek alphabet. "Omikron was first discovered during Hanukkah," Rabbi Weingarten said. "We celebrated the victory over the Greeks on Hanukkah, and now, with this disease, we have another opportunity to defeat the Greeks through the light of Hanukkah." Weingarten wants to use Omikron to defeat the Greeks. Two questions arise for us about this: who are the Greeks Mr. Weingarten is talking about, and who are the honorable "we" who are going to war with Mr. Weingarten?  
Well, what a coincidence! - No, no, we don't believe in coincidences, of course - It's just that, we went into the question a few days ago: What does it mean to be a Greek? To understand this addendum to Omikron, you really need to get to know the Greek so you can follow along. Here's how to get to the digression: What does it mean to be a greek?

Certainly, the question: what does it mean to be a Greek? has not been answered exhaustively, the essential aspects should have been understood (after reading). Exactly against these Greeks Mr. Weingarten has gone out to wage war, this he supplies and explains to us in a subsequent explanation of their declaration of war against the entire mankind, of which we are informed only long afterwards. Even the most uneducated knows, this is militarily impossible and also Mr. Weingarten knows this. That is why he informed us that they did not go out with tanks and missiles, but - and now again thinking in opposites - with omicron against THE OMICRON, i.e. with a virus against Christ and his church. This sounds absurd doesn't it? Their war is against all Greeks, here is a 1 minute clip from the documentary:
Donald Trump & the Third Temple (source: see at the end of this script).

And who are the "we" who are waging war against the Greeks? Mr. Weingarten has already publicly admitted to this. He and the others from the group "we" belong to be brought to justice, because if this does not happen, God will also call those in the know to account. And how? We will describe that, if there is still enough time, in one of the later contributions.   

The Lord is already coming to our aid today, despite the consternation, the grief and the heartache that comes with it:  

Be still and know that I am God!
I will be praised among the nations,
I will be praised in all the earth.
Psalm 46:10

A comforting word, for the nations, that is, all peoples, will give thanks to the Lord; for reason surely everyone can think of.  

For those who have not yet read the Bible, we advise: Start doing so, preferably today.

Berlin, Nobember 4, 2022
© Copyright by H. Randy Rohrer

Docu: Donald Trump & the third temple on the Youtube channel:  TrauKeinemPromi

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