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Root technique - What we don't see in the plain text of the Bible must be unearthed.

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Trees without roots are dead, aren't they?

Root Technique in the Bible

We see the trunk of a tree, its branches and leaves. In spring we admire the flowers and in autumn we enjoy the fruits and harvest them. But what we do not see are the roots. But it is they who carry the tree, give it firmness and indicate the range. The most important thing, however, is that the tree absorbs food through its roots. How deep the roots reach and how large the span of the root network is can only be guessed.

This is also the case with the word roots of the Hebrew and Greek words. Many words can be traced back to their roots and thus extend their meaning. Only when we include the root terms do we understand more of the text and the interpretation becomes more precise.


in the biblical garden. As a project
was developed in collaboration with
the Antiquities Authority of Israel
built in the year 2000.
Do you see the roots? Of course not. Do you see the stream that supplies this tree with water? Of course not. And again I tell you a secret. Psalm 1 speaks of these streams. It is the groundwater that still carries water even if it does not rain for months.

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